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H2 Rob Zombie Remakes Halloween 2

H2 - as in Halloween 2 - as in Rob Zombie brings back his version of Autodiely by remaking the sequel.

Dare I say - drool??????????

Due for release on August 28, 2009, many were skeptical since Rob Zombie adamantly stated he did not wish to do a sequel. Apparently he is opposed to them. However after much pressure, he crumbled, and are blessing us with yet another spin on the classic Halloween series.

This sudden change of heart resulted in the script for Halloween 2 being completed quickly, and as stated by Rob Zombie himself, did not give much opportunity to “second guess” himself and change initial ideas, or to “over think” the story line.

Also, it seems he veered away from the story line of the original Halloween 2, not to disrespect John Carpenter, but to continue on his own version of the saga. I for one am PUMPED as I loved Zombie’s remake of the first film. And I will be first in line to see this one.