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Tarantino’s DeathProof Featurette

Death Proof is is one of Quintin Tarantino’s other great angerufen that does not involve zombies. Unfortunately.

Death Proof is one half of a double feature showcasing Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike; a used up stuntman with a 100% death proof badass Chevy Nova (death proof for the driver anyway) who seems just a tad off from the norm.

Tarantino’s objective was to recapture the drive in theater feel, complete with reel breaks and scratches at the worst possible moment, even cutting out key information you might need to completely follow the story. If any of you out there remember drive ins, you will understand what I mean.

The 1st Death Proof Featurette In Death Proof’s first featurette, we have 4 girls taking a hiatus from life and on the way, stop at a friendly bar where the drinks are plentiful and the guys are horny. At this same bar, we also have Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) who no one seems to take seriously because A: he is way older than all of them and B: he’s more than a little whacked.

Not much happens early on other than to introduce us to the girls: DJ Jungle Julia (played by Sydney Tamiia Poitier, the daughter of Sidney Poitier,) Arlene (Vanessa Ferlito,) Shanna (Jordan Ladd,) and Kim (Tracie Thoms.) They are laughing and drinking throughout, bullshitting about good times, flirting with some of the guys, and basically getting plowed.

Then we have loner Pam (Rose McGowan) who takes an interest in Stuntman Mike and makes mindless chitchat with him since he said he would give her a ride home. It’s here we learn that Stuntman Mike did a lot of stunts in TV shows such as Bonanza, and movies such as Smokey and the Bandit. Of course all the patrons of the bar are mostly much too young to know any of these shows so they pretty much laugh at Mike the whole time.

The movie is kinda droll at this point and it’s easy for your mind to wander to things like whats in the fridge to eat, or who can I get to make another beer run, so it makes sense that Quintin would decide to throw in a lap dance to spice things up a bit since the first hour basically blows. Luckily this scene recaptures your interest, largely in part to the song choice:

Shortly thereafter, everyone seems to part paths, with Stuntman Mike and Pam taking off in his Deathproof ride, while the 4 girls take off to their intended weekend getaway. The film follows Stuntman Mike first and this is when we learn that not only is he a little whacked, but a little sadistic as well. He wastes no time in letting Pam know she made a mistake in coming with him and proceeds to mash her into a bloody pile of goo by slinging her around his deathproof car by driving fast and stopping hard. It seems that the only part that is actually death proof is the drivers seat, while the passenger gets a one way ticket to a painful and bloody death.

Scene break to the 4 girls again, riding along in their automobile singing along to “Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich” - a band that sings a pretty fun lil’ ditty if you ask me. Stuntman Mike comes speeding up from behind only to pass them, do a light-less U’ey on the road, and barrel towards them full force. It’s pretty graphic, pretty disturbing, and fucken awesome!

Now bear in mind that if you choose to watch this scene via the YouTube video below, you will need to be logged in and verified as over being 18, otherwise you won’t get the honor of witnessing the bloody ending. Apparently YouTube feels it is too graphic. Quintin Tarantino too graphic?? Go figure.

It’s kind of lame that the movie ends in this way but it’s pretty much to be expected when dealing with Quintin Tarantino.

So next up I will review the 2nd featurette of the Deathproof Double Feature. Honestly I probably like it better of the two because even though there isn’t much action for the first hour of this one either, it is decidedly more entertaining. It at least involves a super hot Dodge Challenger and has sort of a Kill Bill revenge vibe going on……